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Introducing 5×5 (Five by Five) This regions newest innovator’s Forum Event

COLLINGWOOD, March 4, 2019 People come to the South Georgian Bay region and Collingwood for many reasons.  They say it’s the lifestyle, the four seasons of play, the artisans, music or beautiful water and mountain settings.  But there’s been an ever increasing migration of startups and tech companies calling Collingwood home. Some of these companies have been here for a while, just under the radar succeeding locally and on the global stage!  Could Collingwood become the next tech hub like a Boulder, Colorado?

Emerging tech centres, like Collingwood, need platforms to tell their stories of innovation “loud & clear.”  This is why 5×5 was created!

5×5 is like a microphone turned up loud and clear and offers the opportunity for companies to showcase their work, share a challenge they are having, and connect with potential investors, partners, employees and customers.

The Goal is to enlighten, inspire and educate all to the amazing companies in our region and connect them to the resources and people they need to continue to grow.

“I saw great potential in Collingwood!” says Brandon Houston, owner of Switch Video and The Creative Space.  Houston commented on the potential for Collingwood and region as similar to the lifestyle and community of Boulder, Colorado. ”In Boulder, Techstars was an accelerator that helped launch a host of tech firms. One of the reasons it worked in Boulder was quality of life and access to talent. Collingwood has the same potential to be a landing spot for startups and tech firms.”

What does 5×5 mean?  

The term 5×5 is rooted in the communications within military forces through WWII to mean “I understand you perfectly.” The first number represented the Signal Strength of a radio communication, and the second number represented the signal clarity on a scale from 1-5 — 1 being the worst; 5 being the best. Therefore 5 by 5 means the signal has excellent strength and perfect clarity. Five by five is the predecessor to the term “Loud and Clear” used by military units today.


This will all be wrapped up in a high paced public event where each company has 5 minutes to speak, using only 5 slides.  They then can interact with the audience for Q&A. There will be an After 5 party to offer even more opportunity to eat, drink, ask questions and make connections.

Martin Rydlo, Director of Marketing & Business Development for the Town of Collingwood added: “This region has so many amazing stories of innovation.  The 5×5 Innovator’s forum is poised to be a tipping point for tech companies here in addition to a being a great networking opportunity.“

Event Details

DATE: March 29th
LOCATION: 65 Simcoe Street (seating for up to 100 plus VIP; wheelchair accessible)
Time – 3pm – 4:30 – main event; post-event networking at Gibson
AFTER FIVE – Gibson 93 Hurontario St Unit 3, Collingwood
COST: $15

There are three ways to participate:

1- Become a speaker: It’s super easy, just choose a project, concept or idea you are excited to share in 5 minutes.! Sign up before March 15!.

2- Become a sponsor: Promote your services and programs to potential employees and partners.  All the details to make the decision and become a sponsor are online.  Apply now before March 15.

3- Become a participant: With tickets only $15, including a free drink at Gibson and Co for the After 5 networking hour, seats our going to sell fast for this Friday afternoon event on March 29th! You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the event.  Register now.




Brandon Houston – The Creative Space Collingwood/Switch Video,

Chad Ballantyne – Rhubarb Media


Niru Somayajula

Niru Somayajula

President & CEO

Mark Yaraskavitch

Mark Yaraskavitch

Lead Developer

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Nicholas Keast

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